“Molto creativo, focalizzato sui profitti e un piacere lavorare con.”

What We Believe In

We think and work differently than a typical big agency. We aren’t obsessed with winning awards and we’ll never use your precious resources to compete for one. We don’t steer our clients towards unproven technologies or gadgetry simply because they’re ‘fun to play with’. Smart strategy, brilliant design and effective communications that truly work for you, are what we’re obsessed with. 

We can collaborate with your existing marketing team or work quietly on the outside to provide you with a fresh perspective. Either way, our sole focus is you the client and your business objectives. Period.

Where We Are

Based in Milan and supported by a team on 3 continents, we are well-positioned to support you, when and where you need us.

Who We Are

Led by founder and brand strategist Nash Huntley and working with a global network of creative professionals, we provide strategy, design and marketing services to clients big and small. From his 20+ years of experience with retail food brands, Nash provides vision for the group based on his unique insider perspective and insights.

Regional Strategies

Managing the realities of entering a new market is already challenging enough for exporters. Worrying about whether or not your message will resonate, shouldn’t be one of those challenges.

We build regionally tailored strategies that deliver your brand with relevance to global audiences. By localizing marketing materials, we ensure that the intended impact and emotion of your message is not lost in translation.

Regional branding isn’t just the translation of words. It’s the process of adapting your brand for your target audience.

Media Planning

In this multi-channel world, it’s harder than ever to navigate through the clutter and connect with your audience effectively. That’s where we can help.

Armed with decades of actual industry experience and none of the typical agency fluff, we understand how to reach your market with minimal waste and maximum success.


We solve your challenges by transforming the powers of creativity and strategy into highly effective campaigns that deliver results. From complex B2B advertising to hyper-local messages targeting retail consumers, we conceptualize bold ideas and then bring them to life when and where you need them.

By harnessing our unique blend of industry experience, compelling design and understanding of loyalty mechanics, we execute ad campaigns that force your customers and the industry to stop and take notice.


Like artists use colour, we use words to craft stories that invoke emotions and move opinions. We build messaging systems that help clients increase their reach, launch new products, grow trust and stand out in a crowded brand landscape.

Specializing in English-language copywriting, we work with exporters and brands on the move to ensure their communications reach new markets without getting lost in translation.


More than just aesthetics, design is a powerful tool for expressing and reinforcing your brand. In today’s saturated marketplace, design is more important than ever, to set your organization apart from the competition. 

Fueled by creativity, curiosity and lots of coffee, we use research-driven design strategies to develop brand collateral that resonates with your target market.

From logos to packaging to adverts and more, we produce designs that inspire action.

Brand Strategy

Your brand exists in the mind of your clients and customers. The definition of ‘brand’ goes far beyond a logo or name; it is the culmination of how you look, sound and act. Successful organizations without exception, have strong brand strategies that meticulously choreograph what their clients see, hear and experience. 

We develop highly effective, sustainable strategies that are engineered to succeed. We begin by analyzing the gap between where your brand is now and where it needs to be to achieve your goals. Then we work on closing that gap with an authentic strategy that reveals your true potential.

Brand strategy doesn’t guarantee growth but growth cannot be achieved without it.